Growing up in the tropical paradise on the Big Island of Hawai’i, I learned early on the value of nature and the unparalleled creativity that it can inspire. From the rolling tides caressing the island shore; to the lush, green valleys flourishing beneath a sky of blue; to the captivating crawl of hot lava  meeting the cool ocean currents, the natural elements have always aroused design potential and inspiration for me. Pursuing my professional career at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon has presented many phenomenal opportunities to collaborate with individuals and organizations to create artful depictions of products, talents, and ideas. It is this fusion of concepts and interpretations that I find most intriguing and prove to be the greatest asset in conceiving exciting design features. As I embark on my professional career in the industry, I most look forward to the growing relationships and exchange of creative theories to capture the marriage between the world’s natural beauty and society’s modern sophistication.